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Sunset Park Outreach Saturday September 10, 2016

This afternoon’s Sunset Park outreach marked the return to our “cooler hours” schedule; from 2-4pm. September then becomes our transition month into the eventual cooler temps. Today’s outreach was still right around 100 degrees— not significantly cooler. All that didn’t seem to mind much, as our team enthusiastically poured themselves into the Lord’s work!

And our Lord is always faithful to provide divine appointments; regardless of the weather. Divine appointments to share tracts and divine appointments to share gospel.

And our diverse gospel conversations ranged from Catholics, to agnostics, to a Mormon, to a professing Christian, to a man opposed to a God who hates homosexual sin. Ron Edwards, our guest from Adelaide Australia, met three young Christian ladies who were so excited to see a fellow Christian, that they gave him the gospel!

Speaking of Aussie Ron, he had his own unique advantages over his American teammates. First, was his enjoyable accent which helped him easily connect with almost everyone he met. And second, was his Aussie Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts.➀

Today’s Sunset Park team included: Mike Burns, Jeff Hutchison, Ron Haas, Ron Edwards (from Australia), Jeremy Arabes & Angy Arabes , Christian & Shana Francisco, Noah & Naomi, Kriz Dulay, and Rod & Rosie Grubb.

You are definitely not going to want miss our Henderson Super Run Car Show outreach two weeks from today on Saturday, 9/24, from 10am to 1pm. Parking is free at the City of Henderson Civic Center Parking Garage located at 40 W. Basic Rd. Plan to meet us there at 9:30am, just prior to the outreach.


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