Huntington Beach with Ray Comfort

The Shepherd’s Conference at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley took place on February 28 to March 4th, 2017.  It is a long week of many gifted Pastors who come from across the globe!  Our Pastor Daniel Ozuna, graduated from The Masters Seminary, and trained under John MacArthur Reformed Theology.  We are so fortunate to have such a godly Pastor who will not compromise in any area.  He is true to the faith, and such a great guardian and protector to his flock. He will not allow sin to creep in unnoticed in our church.
We are so fortunate to be ministry leaders and receive our Pastor’s support as well.  Since 2008, we have tried to model ourselves with those who are biblicaly like minded in their approach towards sharing the true gospel message.  We were so fortunate to have come across Ray Comfort and Living Waters who has really given us all the tools we need to share the gospel or place a tract in someones had with the gospel message.  Many Pastor’s or people who frown upon this, are either not truly saved and have no heart for those who will perish in Hell for all of Eternity!
God raised us up to share the gospel and to equip those who want to do the same by providing classes.  Living Waters is a true gift from God to all the true saints out there who do have a heart for the lost!  However, you must work to become approved by God, you must be tested and learn your scriptures so you will know how to give a defense of the gospel.  Each year we visit Ray and his team at Living Waters and stop by at Huntington Beach to see him in action and pass out some millions or help support what they are doing.  This year we took our Pastor and another Deacon of the church to meet Ray, so it was such a blessing.
If you want to learn like we have it’s going to take serious commitment on your part to learn the gospel message the full gospel, the Ten Commandments as everyone has a conscience and the Holy Spirit can pierce the hearts of many with the proper use of the Commandments.  Everyone stands guilty and condemned already based on the Ten Commandments.   We are so grateful for what Ray Comfort has done in his ministry to help educate the saints and helping to ease the burden of doing it all on your own. We are forever grateful and thankful to Ray Comfort, his team and his wisdom on reaching the lost!

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