Sunset Park Outreach March 18, 2017

It was a warm day at Sunset Park with temps in the low 90’s all afternoon.  The light breezes did help to moderate that heat.  Thankfully, our joy is not based upon the weather, but is secure in the Lord.  It was our enthusiasm to spread the “good news” to folks who were spending the day around the lake.  Any outreach that occurs on the day after a well-known holiday can still utilize the good will of that recently passed special day.
Thankfully, we had a few tracts left over from St. Patrick’s Day that we were able to cover the park with million dollar gospel tracts.  They are such a hit this time of year everyone seems to want one.  Our team enjoyed a few gospel conversations and there were some concerned about going to hell.  Please pray that those we handed tracts and spoke to would come to salvation.  We would like to thank our team of men and women who were able to join us in the Great Commission!  All Glory to God!

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