Truth 4 Las Vegas Evangelistic Ministry

Truth 4 Las Vegas  Mission Statement:  It has been reported, that approximately 95 % of the Las Vegas population, don’t even attend a church or may know anything about Jesus Christ.  Any direction you choose to look, 9 out of every 10 people you encounter do not know Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior.  150,000 people die every day, most not knowing their fate or where they will spend Eternity!

Our ministry exists to impact the lost souls in our city through witnessing and prayer!  We reach out with the gospel the way Jesus did, to people inside & outside the church by visiting city parks, neighborhoods, and special events where families and groups of people naturally gather within our community as God commanded us to do.  To Equip the Saints and make disciples. Rejection of the truth shows them we cannot do life apart from a Holy, Righteous God! 

Way of The Master is now being taught by surrounding churches all through the United States and other Countries.  If your church is not allowing this biblical method, you better find out why and question why not?  This is the easiest and most effective way to share your faith by lovingly sharing the entire truth of the Gospel. 

God is watching and what happens in Las Vegas, God Knows!  Remember if you have help programs at your church and there is no gospel message included each time you meet, you have nothing more that a social gathering and that is not biblical.  We are commanded to obey God by sharing the gospel to everyone around you in our local communities first before leaving our own country.  We are called to study to be approved by God.  May the Lord give you a strong desire to reach out to those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and may you be obedient to the Great Commission. 

Rod & Rosie Grubb

Ministry Leaders

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