About Truth 4 Las Vegas


Truth 4 Las Vegas  Mission Statement:  It has been reported, that approximately 95 % of the Las Vegas population, don’t even attend a church.  Any direction you choose to look, over 9 out of every 10 people you encounter do not know Jesus Christ as their own personal savior.  150,000 people die every day, most not knowing their fate or where they will spend Eternity!

Our ministry exists to impact the lost souls in our city through witnessing and prayer!  We reach out with the gospel the way Jesus did, to people outside the church by visiting city parks, neighborhoods, and special events where families and groups of people naturally gather within our community as God commanded us to do.  To Equip the Saints, Share the faith and Pray!

On the second Saturday of each month, teams of volunteers, go to a local park and hand out gospel tracks, and Bibles.  We also give out “free” gifts such as sermon CD’s, DVD’s, and share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads. We use a method called “The Way of The Master,” formally used by Charles Spurgeon, and others.  Ray Comfort realized they had used this method the Law of the Ten Commandments to convict the soul and then the Good News of what Jesus did so we can have eternal salvation!  Rejection of the truth shows them we cannot do life apart from a Holy, Righteous God!  Way of The Master is now being taught by surrounding churches all through the United States.  If your church is not allowing this biblical method, you better find out why and question why not?  This is the easiest and most effective way to share your faith non-confrontationally with love in sharing the entire truth of the Gospel.  Honestly you cannot speak against it if you have not seen this done!  God is watching and what happens in Las Vegas, God Knows!

Please join us as we go out to other surrounding areas such as:

  • Sunset Park

  • UNLV – CSN

  • Fremont Street Experience

  • First Friday Las Vegas

  • Boulder City Events

  • Las Vegas Outreach Team Events

Come join us in God’s activity here in Las Vegas.  God doesn’t need our help, but He invites us to “get in” on what He is doing locally here in the City!  You too can receive His blessings, as a result.  The Harvest is Plentiful, but the laborers are few!  May God give you a heart to do His will and for those 150,000 & more perishing daily!

Ministry Leaders:

Rod & Rosie Grubb

Contact us at: 702-430-1698

email us at: Truth4LasVegas@mail.com

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